Liquidity on the Forex market

The key figure of the liquidity is the trading volume, the value of which on the currency market is way more than the trading volume on international stock markets. It can, therefore, be said that Forex is one of the most liquid markets worldwide.

Liquidity providers

Liquidity providers are major banks, licensed investment companies, and brokers. Trading process via STP (Straight Through Processing) technology implies that all orders of our clients are automatically transferred to liquidity providers without any interference on the part of the broker. It helps traders and the company to avoid any conflicts of interest. In this case, the profit clients receive doesn’t yield any losses to the broker.

Providing confidence to its clients, AlphaBeta FX provides traders with indirect access to interbank prices and top-tier liquidity providers. With tight spreads, best of markets prices and flexible leverage, AlphaBeta FX creates a secure and superior trading environment.

Features & Business Flow

  • Deep and diverse liquidity
  • Spreads from 0.1  pips
  • Cutting-edge and robust technology.

Thanks to the cooperation with the leading providers, we can offer our clients a high level of the liquidity, which provides fast and secure execution of all orders, even if their volume is very big.v