Forex Trainer

Excellent opportunity to learn about FOREX at World’s best Forex Broker.

Our pleasure to introduce free training on Forex market:

Forex market is most exciting platform where you can access to global financial world.ABFX free Basic forex training will help traders to understand about forex market and aspect of strategies require for trading in global currency pairs.


Training procedure
Course Name: Free training on Forex Market
Mode of Training-:Online Training via Skype, Phone, Team viewer,  etc..
Course Duration – 5 Days in a week,

Total 5 hours
1 Hour each day.

1. Basic of forex trading
– What is forex
– Why, who, when you trade in forex
– About currency pair
– Type currency pair
– Type of forex broker and many other important terms.
2. Trading Platform
– About meta trader( MT4)
  • Practice on demo account/Live account
  • Chart pattern means type of chart
  • Type of order
  • Indicator
  • Other technical aspect of MT4

– Mobile trading on MT4
– Web Trading and other subjects.


–Fundamental Analysis
–Technical Analysis


4.Trading Strategies

And many more important subjects will be discussed by our experts…