Bonus Offerings

ABFX First Deposit- 5% Welcome Bonus UP to $200.

The Welcome Bonus for Real Account clients is possibly the most valuable reward available anywhere. A bonus on your deposit(s) gives you a considerable $200 on top of your investment amount, giving you the ability to start trading with even more power and more confidence.

  • Bonus crediting is Instant and Automatic
  • Available on all account types
  • Deposit to maximize your bonus amount
  • Non-withdraw able bonus.

The Welcome Bonus Is….

The Welcome Bonus offers an additional 15% on any funds deposited within a 24 hour period (of your first deposit) up to $200.

Who Can Claim This….

This bonus is automatically available to all clients depositing funds to their account within 24 hours from the first deposit until the maximum bonus amount of $200 has been reached.

Welcome Bonus Example:

Use the examples in the table below as a quick reference guide on how the Welcome Bonus is applied in relation to the size of your deposit.

Your depositBonus appliedYour bonusTrading capital balance
$55% on $5$0.5$5.05
$5005% on $500$25$525
$7505% on $750$37.50$787.50
$1,0005% on $1,000$50$1,050
$1,5005% on $1,500$75$1,075
$2,0005% on $2,000$100$2,100
$3,0005% on $3,000$150$3,150
$4,0005% on $4000$200$4,200


 Any profits generated can be withdrawn at any point in time, however, any withdrawal of funds will result in the proportional removal of your trading bonus.