Affiliates Marketing Tools

Take advantage of our creative marketing tools and promotional materials 
to build successful campaigns, increase your traffic and take your business to the next level.


You’ll find lots of great static and flash banners in your ABFX Partners portal that will help you to attract new clients and boost your results.


Direct your potential clients to fully branded landing pages that convert as they match what Forex traders are most interested in.


If you are a high-volume affiliate or Master IB, we can provide you with a FREE website. Contact your Affiliate Manager for more information.


Enhance your site with branded widgets! Choose the Live Price Feed, Market Sessions and Market News widgets that best suit your site.


Engage your clients and potential customers with a whole host of entertaining, informative and branded ABFX videos!


You don’t have to spend time creating marketing material as we have marketing material about our most popular Forex trading products and services ready and waiting for you !


Don’t waste time taking screenshots when we have already taken them for you. Use the screenshots around your site to direct traffic to ABFX.


Download our branded, professionally designed ABFX brochures and have copies printed whenever you hold a Forex trading event to attract new clients !


Your events need to look and feel professional and our designers have created a great range of roll-up banners that you can have printed in the size you want!


Engage your potential clients and introduce them to the world of Forex trading by linking to our online video tutorials, which are free-to-view.


Increase brand awareness of ABFX in your region and attract more clients by placing our creative print ads alongside articles in offline media.


Need a ABFX logo? We have standard and vector ABFX logos in all shapes and sizes. Simply, choose the logos that you need!


Our Partners love our range of avatars and wallpapers. Select your branded avatars and use them online to grow your presence.


We even have billboard ads for you! Attract attention to your affiliate business and reach an offline audience by using these professionally designed ads.


Pay your clients rebates directly into their trading accounts with just a click. Let our advanced system do the work or manually authorise payments.


We host local educational seminars on a regular basis. Come along, meet our team and improve your knowledge of the financial markets.


Learn how to use the ABFX brand to bring you the best results with this handy guide. It has everything you need to represent us successfully.